Winter time in the studio

floral explosion by Carne Griffiths

Despite a lack of heating common to most artist studios, it has been great finding a new early morning working regime in the studio.  Trading an early morning bike ride for some time drawing has been really fruitful as I have been preparing works for a variety of upcoming shows including the Hong Kong exhibition ‘Trailblazers’ with Coates and Scarry.  I am delighted to anounce 2 exhibitions that I will be involved in during January, firstly the London Art Fair at the Islington Business Centre.  This will be my 4th time at the LAF and I am delighted to be showing work with Ink’d gallery as they attend the fair for the first time!  Following this I will be exhibiting work at the Vyner street gallery later in the month in an exhibition called ‘Fig.’which explores portraiture.  I am lining up  a small series of portraits studied from life and will be spending the early part of the new year working towards this show.  If anyone is interesting in sitting for this series – please drop me an email.

Here’s some pics of work in progress and some details of new pieces for the various fairs.

Dutch Auction with Eyestorm

Mindscapes #1

The piece ‘Mindscapes #1′ is being auctioned by eyestorm currently on their website… the piece is valued framed at £1650 but is being reduced each day, if you head over to the site now you might just grab a bargain – currently the price is below £1000, shocking!! I love this piece.  The piece is a bit of a milestone, as it represents one of very few landscape pieces I have created and is purely abstract and involves paint, three dimesnsional elements and ggold leaf.  Follow this link to watch the end of the auction over the coming days – or snap the piece up while you can!

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