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N E W  P R O J E C T -  T H E  V I O L E N C E  O F  F L O W E R S


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For this new project I wanted to focus on simplicity and to create a print that felt beautiful and precious to hold in the hope that you will find a place for it in your home and cherish it. I wanted to create a series of work that had a feeling of calm and that embraced the natural world, something mindful amidst trying times. The key to this series was simplicity but during the studies I made, there were a number of things that really struck me about the natural world, it's resilience and ability to survive but also the brutality found even within the plant kingdom. It's unusual to pair the words flower and violence, but I wanted my paintings to reflect both the delicacy and the threatening brutality necessary for survival. The rose is a perfect example, pairing it's delicate petals with it's threatening thorny spikes to ward off predators. I found painting these pieces to be intensely emotional, and wanted to try and convey that emotion through my mark making. The prints Each of the original paintings has been created using inks, teas and graphite onto bockingford watercolour paper. The paintings have then been scanned and digitally enhanced to create small prints with a layer of rose gold foil to highlight the details. I have created visuals which show the pieces in dimmer lighting but also help to convey the reflective nature of the copper colour foil details

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