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New work at Moniker Art Fair

Delighted to be showing brand new work at this year's celebratory 10 years of Moniker art fair with Dynamite Gallery. This new collection celebrates influential female role models, Greta Thunberg, Anna Lee Fisher and Frida Kahlo.

As well as original works I will be launching a series of 3 new limited edition prints exclusive to Dynamite Gallery. The new works are underpainted with inks teas and alocohols then painted with acrylics and mark a signicant developmeny in new canvas pieces which I have recently been exploring..

Below is a little info about these incredible people and why I chose them at the fair.

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg - Acrylic on canvas
Greta Thunberg - Acrylic on canvas

Undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of our age, at just 15 years old Greta Thunberg made a stand for something she believed in with total conviction. 1 year later her influence is undeniable and has brought together millions of people around the world to campaign for the future of our planet.

I wanted to capture the ferocity of her conviction through this canvas and the spirit which is beyond her years. It is an uneasy painting and should be seen as a challenge to the viewer, a confrontation to ask if we are able to follow through our beliefs to the extent that this young girl has.

Anna Lee Fisher

Anna Lee Fisher - Acrylic on Canvas
Anna Lee Fisher - Acrylic on Canvas

This captivating image speaks about ambition, love and the desire to discover. Anna Lee Fisher is an American chemist, emergency physician, and a former NASA astronaut who is known as being the first Mother in Space.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo - Acrylic on canvas
Frida Kahlo - Acrylic on canvas

Frida Kahlo lived most of her genius artistic life in relative obscurity. Her glorious self-portraits and haunting surrealism had its first popular renaissance in the 1970s as the art world began looking for more international examples of canonic art, especially from women. While a far superior painter to her husband Diego Rivera — a fact that he often publicized himself — she lived in his shadow for the majority of her life until her first solo showing in Coyoacán before her death.

Overcoming so many traumatic experiences throughout her life, Kahlo spent her entire life in chronic pain and suffered from infertility and disability. Leading an unhappy marital life, Kahlo had several extramarital affairs and was one of the most sexually liberated women of her time.

If you are interested in the work please get in touch for exclusive VIP tickets for the launch night on Wednesday 2nd October through Dynamite Gallery.

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