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Painting Workshop this Thursday, and last chance to get the new print 'Reaching through time'

Portrait painting workshop

This thursday you can join me for a portrait painting workshop via the team at - I will be broadcasting via their zoom channel, creating a portrait painting from start to finish. I will be explaining the process from a grahite drawing through to how I add layers of tea and ink to create an enegetic and dynamic portrait - finished with fountain pen details and a little gold leaf.

If you would like to join in you can book a place here you'll also find all the materials and info you will need to complete the workshop.


Reaching through time

Here's the new kickstarter print that launched a few days ago via kickstarter called 'Reaching through time' the piece is one of four new paintings created for my exhibition with tribe gallery which opens at the Rosewwod hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia this week.


If you would like to get one of the remaining prints you just need to go along and back the kickstarter project! Also available are a set of 4 small mini coaster prints, a new experiment printed on a heavyweight 565gsm board.

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