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Is it winter?

It certainly feels like it.. I’m coming to the end of the Journey exhibition at Gallery 90 (finishes this Sunday 4th December) , the winter feeling is taking it’s toll. Studio is colder and getting artwork from 1 place to another is a lot less enjoyable than usual.  However today I sent 7 little packs of postcards this afternoon, and it always makes me smile that people all over the world are requesting little bits of work.

It’s always the little things that bring so much enjoyment, as I sealed the manilla envelopes for packs going to Doncaster, Potters Bar, San Marco, Texas, Germany and Moscow amongst others and sealed them with a wax seal rose, I realised just how fortunate I was to be making a living as an artist and doing something that I thoroughly enjoy.  Sometimes it feels like a hard slog, when the work isn’t flowing, and it seems an uphill climb to get into a creative place  but just knowing that there are people out there encountering the work, all over the world … well that is everything.

That’s why I put so much energy into those little packs of cards.  For just £5 you can have a pack of postcards delivered to your doorstep (in time for xmas) each lovingly sealed in a wax stamped envelope with a fountain pen floral sketch on the reverse..  I now have 3 packs of ltd edition cards which can be ordered through Etsy – if you’d like something personal from an artist to use as a stocking filler this Christmas – I’d be only too happy to personalise the envelope for you.. clicking the images below will take you to the etsy store where it’s easy to place an order.

As a special xmas offer you can get all three sets, that’s 12 postcards for just £12 delivered here

There are also larger prints of work available from Etsy and of course original pieces of work available from EYESTORM | INKD | ART REPUBLIC | OPUS and of course Gallery 90 with the works from the current solo show.

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