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Just out of Reach – Limited Edition

Just out of Reach by Carne Griffiths
Just out of Reach 24ct Gold Detail
Just out of Reach - Varnish Detail

Just out of Reach (available here) an archival limited edition print on 330 gsm Somerset Paper with hand torn edges, 60 x 80 cm. The print accurately reproduces the original painting as an archival quality giclee print adding 24 carat heavy gold detailing and varnish layers to enhance the elements within this print.

Details of the varnish and gold leaf can be seen clearly in this video

Full Details of this edition

Print Medium: Giclee with Screenprinted Varnish Layers and 24 carat gold detailing Print Size: 50 x 70cm paper size 60 x 80cm Edition Size 50 prints plus 5 x Artist Proofs Signed and editioned by the artist.

More information about the Print

Just out of reach brings to attention the things which we desire and reminds us of the importance of the natural world. Combining imagery from advertising and fashion with nature, the artist utilises the powerful ‘selling gaze’ and uses it to transport the viewer into a fantasy world abound with rich nature and lush vegetation. The broken shards of glass symbolise the moment of realisation, when we rediscover the beauty in our natural surroundings. The use of glazes on the shards of glass and the opulence created by the 24 ct gold detail serve to question just what riches are and what is important in life.

Our greatest desires are normally the things just out of reach.

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