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New Summer Postcard Set – Available Now

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New set of four postcards representing recent work from this ‘Summer’ available to buy through etsy Each Postcard Pack, contains 4 images from Carne Griffiths, printed on 350gsm matt card, each individually signed and numbered by hand, comes sealed in a cellophane envelope as part of a limited edition of 250 packs. The images are from a series of  work currently exhibiting in Newcastle and of work sold through Art Republic (July 2011) Carne’s work is produced using fountain pen ink and various liquids such as tea, vodka, whisky and brandy.

Details about the original pieces. The Coma – (Art Republic Soho SOLD) is a reflection on the unconscious self and is influenced by the book of the same name by Alex Garland, the piece is also available as a ltd edition giclee print Metamorphosis- (Eyestorm SOLD) is drawn in ink and tea and is a comentary on our connection and assimilation with nature also available as a ltd edition giclee print Strength (Currently available and showing soon at Opus in Newcastle as part of their summer show) is drawn in Ink and tea and is about the terrifying force and beauty of nature in light of the Japanese quake earlier this year. Comfort- (Also at showing at Opus in Newcastle as part of the summer show) is a retreat into nature

Postcard ssets are £5 including delivery anywhere worldwide!

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